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Extra! Extra! Zombies own LARPers! November 27, 2005

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LARP vs Zombie
Originally uploaded by himbly.

Doin’ homework, I accidentally came across these.

From what I can understand these people (call them Team Dork) would LARP in this park every Sunday (I don’t even know where) and these other people (call them Team Bubble-burster) decided it would be great fun to dress up as zombies and break up their LARPing nerdness.

Pretty funny.

Team Dork were apparently hangin’ out doing their LARPy thing when Team Bubble-burster…well…burst on the scene and gave them a jawful of zombie revenge.

Then, if I’m reading it right, they took out a drum circle.

I love anyone who takes out a drum circle.

Dirty hippies with their stupid lack of rhythm.

Check out the pictures.


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