What am I doing with a blog?

Awww…heck. I dunno.

So..that’s how they do it. October 16, 2005

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I gotta write about part of my dream last night.

I was at a mall with my mum, aunt and two cousins.

The ‘up’ escalator was next to a staircase, which was against a huge glass pillar that went to the ceiling. Inside, there was a hillside with a rocky river running down.

Inside the river were pipes that shot out piping hot licorice…

-red…don’t like the anise-flavoured kind-

…which was immediately cooled by the water. Waiting at the river banks were older, sorta scando-slavic looking people (in scando-slavic garb) and their job was to jump in and wrestle these huge ropes of licorice out of the water and hang them nearby to dry.

Weird, huh? The dream got pretty freaky and scary soon afterwards, but that part made me giggle.


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