What am I doing with a blog?

Awww…heck. I dunno.

5 days in a leaky boat… September 7, 2004

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Lots has happened in my brain since the last post (went to crazyville…stayed for a few days, caught the shows, saw the sights …back in sanetown now). Feeling much better, thank you. Trying to think of what to write about next, but frankly, all I can think about today is the fact that my friend Sandra made ketchup on the weekend and that I can practically taste the deliciousness. Combing the web for recipes that don’t include sterilized mason jars because that may be beyond my present abilities. Will be back with more soon enough.

It’s good to feel like myself again.

PS. Don’t you just LOVE Magic: The Gathering? (Don’t you just, Rjak?) Some girls buy clothes to make themselves feel pretty…I buy a Fifth Dawn booster pack. Talking to the clerks at the geekstores about the deck you want to build can ~really~ make a girl feel special. And…when you tap that card that makes your boyfriend curse your very being…well…it’s a very specific kind of pride you feel.